Student Involvement

Session 1 Workshops 10:40 - 11:30 am

Gratitude, Leadership, and You

Facilitator Andrew Beck | CUE 202 | Personal Track

In this workshop you will learn about how gratitude and lollipop moments cannot only help you personally, but also to become a better leader. Lollipop moments come from a TED Talk by Drew Dudley where he talks about how to make impacts on people’s lives as well as everyday leadership. The second part will talk about using gratitude to connect with others and boost your own happiness in the process. We will be doing some activities at the end of the workshop as well as discussion throughout. This workshop will be based to help you personally grow and reflect on your time as a leader.

Utilizing Service Learning to Increase Student Involvement in Community Development

Facilitator Kathryn Fitzgerald | CUE 219 | Community Track

Service-learning is a tool educators and students can use to expand impacts of education and increase student awareness of community needs and opportunities. This collaborative educational platform brings rise to community connection as well as gives students a way to see their impact in the community. Service learning is especially critical to land grants as it is an active way to live our mission.

Students Leading Students

Facilitator Skyeler Sperber | CUE 218 | Group Track

This workshop will highlight and emphasize the importance of student leadership and how to keep the other students that you are leading engaged and motivated.

Becoming a Life-Long Leader and Learner

Facilitator Amanda Krieger | CUE 207 | Group Track

The purpose of this presentation is to educate students on how their leadership role in RSO-based events or organizations can aid in their future careers. As RSO Ambassadors we will be highlighting the importance of getting involved by educating students of the progression from a member to a leadership role and applying it to their everyday life. We plan on having a leadership-based ice-breaker, a 25 minute presentation, and a worksheet that will help them solidify what they learned.
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