Student Involvement

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Student Involvement is your first step to accessing campus culture and the WSU college experience. 

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Student Involvement is available to answer your questions through chat, phone, and video conferencing through the Zoom app.

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Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Clubs that have become official organizations at WSU. Starting or joining an RSO is a perfect way to participate in campus life!

Choose from over 400 student organizations | |  @WSUGetinvolved

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The Student Entertainment Board (SEB)

The host for over 250 events during the academic year! Events bring dynamic and accessible arts and entertainment programs to the WSU campus that represent what the student body wants to see and do. 

View SEB events on Facebook | |  @SEB.WSU  @WSU_SEB  @WSU_SEB

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The Leadership Center #CougsLead

Designed to take highly motivated students and develop them to be future leaders during and beyond their time at WSU.

Sign up for Emerging Leaders

Are you a highly motivated first-year student? This is your opportunity to be a leader at Washington State University. Learn about Emerging Leaders | |  @WSUGetinvolved


The Associated Student of WSU (ASWSU)

Advocates for current and prospective students, promotes student initiatives and enhances the WSU college experience.

Positions for first-year students:

  • Freshman delegate
  • Executive committee membership
  • Election board members
  • Service and programming committee officers | |  @ASWSU


The Graduate Professional Student Association (GPSA)

Enriching the graduate and professional student experience academically, professionally, and socially while at WSU. | | @wsu.gpsa   @wsu_gpsa   @wsu_gpsa