Renewing Your Student Organization

Student organizations are required to renew their organization every academic year by October 1.

Training Dates 2023

CUB Lower Level 60 (Butch's Den) from 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

  • Aug. 22
  • Aug. 23
  • Aug. 30
  • Aug. 31
  • Sept. 5
  • Sept. 13 (2-3 p.m.)
  • Sept. 14
  • Sept. 18 (2-3 p.m.)
  • Sept. 19 (3-4 p.m.)
  • Sept. 21 (1-2 p.m.)
  • Sept. 25 (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Sept. 26

How to Renew Your Student Organization

1. Transition Leadership Positions

Hold elections in March-April to identify new club leadership. Pass officer roles and responsibilities to new club officers. This transition includes granting permission to new officers through Coug Presence. 

2. Maintain Club Membership

You still need a minimum of four members to renew an organization. Members and Officers must be currently enrolled WSU students who have joined the organization through Coug Presence and are listed under the “People” tab.

3. Attend Officer Training

Two Student Organization Officers must complete an in-person officer training every year. More than two officers or members are welcome to attend the training to learn about services and processes for Registered Student Organizations. The Center for Student Organizations and Leadership schedules officer training dates throughout the renewal season.

4. Update Your Student Organization Page on Coug Presence

Administrators of your organization's portal will be able to log in, navigate to their organization’s portal, select the profile tab, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and select the Manage Profile button. Below is a list of items to update:

  • Upload an updated constitution document - Your Constitution should always be up to date with your organization's policies. On the first page of your constitution, include the date that the document was last updated to ensure you get credit for your updated constitution.
  • Reflect on the organization's mission, vision, and values over the last year and make any updates to those as necessary.
  • Identify the organization's new meeting day, time, and location.
  • Update officer and advisor positions and contact information. To fulfill the officer-training requirement, list the two officers who attend training.
  • Make sure to finish submitting the updates on the form to fulfill this requirement.

5. Submit Advisor Agreement Form

Advisors can be faculty, staff, or graduate students with teaching, research, or graduate assistantship at WSU. Advisors must fill out an Advisor Agreement form, once per academic year, per Registered Student Organization they advise.

Advisor Approval

As part of creating a Student Organization through Coug Presence, the student completing the form will need to list an advisor for their organization. If an organization lists you as their advisor on their form, you will be notified of this action via email. Advisors are required to confirm their connection to an organization before an organization can be officially established.

You will receive an email from if an organization lists you as its advisor. Please check all folders in your inbox for the request, including “Junk” and “Spam”. There is an example email attached at the bottom of this document. The email will have a few options:

  • “Download PDF” will allow you to view the organization creation form completed by the student on Coug Presence as a PDF document. Carefully review the form before confirming your connection to the organization. This document should be saved in your records.
  • “Approve Response” signals that the information submitted through Coug Presence is correct and forwards the organization form to the Student Involvement office. Staff will review the submission before the organization is activated on Coug Presence and officially recognized by Student Involvement.
  • “Deny Response” should only be used if you are not associated with the organization. Any edits that need to be made before getting your approval should be completed by the student who completed the form.

Be sure to always view the form before approving or denying it. You are responsible for the Registered Student Organization and it is vital that you agree to everything that they wrote in their organization registration form.

If you advise multiple organizations, you will need to complete an advisor approval request and advisor agreement form for each organization.

Renewal Benefits

Registered Student Organizations that renew and stay registered receive these benefits.

  • CUB event space waivers
  • Free CUB meeting room Use
  • Free graphic design & videography
  • 20% off event catering
  • Finance and event planning support
  • Feature your Student Organization and events on Coug Presence