group of students wearing branded shirts and nametags during the vibes conference

Promoting Your Chartered Student Organization

Chartered Student Organizations represent the WSU student body and receive student fees. Exclusive services and guidelines are available for these organizations to help them succeed.

Student Affairs Marketing

Talk to Student Affairs Marketing before you start promoting.  They are on campus to help you order materials, post materials, access the campus-wide email service, answer questions about WSU branding, and more. 

Marketing Contact

Student Affairs Marketing and Communication

Campus-wide Emails

Chartered Student Organizations can send HTML emails to all students, staff, and faculty on the Pullman campus.  Learn how to send HTML emails.

Ordering Apparel, Print, and Promotional Items

Chartered Student Organizations are encouraged to use the printing services available on campus before using a licensed vendor.  Student Organizations can use a licensed vendor if the campus can not provide the service.

  • WSU Branding
    • Usage of WSU marks and verbiage needs to follow WSU Branding guidelines.
    • Student Organizations cannot use branding elements, fonts, or imagery associated with WSU Athletics.
    • Official WSU marks and verbiage need to include a TM or ® symbol. Learn more about trademarks.
    • Student Organizations should avoid creating new logos. Talk to Student Affairs Marketing first.

    Apparel, Print, and Promotional Items

  • Before You Start
    • Know your budget and check with your advisor for budget approval.  Check if they have recommendations.
    • Include Student Affairs Marketing early in the conversation. They can point you in the right direction.
  • Making Your Request
    • Email Student Affairs Marketing and cc your advisor as early as possible.  We recommend at least 4-6 weeks before the promotions need to begin.
      • What you’re promoting. Who, when, when, where, why, and how?
      • Available budget.
      • Workday budget number.
      • When do you need materials?
      • Quantities and sizes.
      • Who needs to be involved when proofing?
  • Proofing & Production

    Student Affairs Marketing and your advisor should review print, apparel, and public-facing Items with WSU marks and verbiage.


    WSU Licensing reviews all materials ordered through a licensed vendor. An order can be significantly delayed if the graphic incorrectly represents WSU marks and verbiage. We recommend that Student Affairs Marketing look at your graphics before ordering through a licensed vendor to prevent delays.

    Print Materials such as posters and signage must also follow branding roles when using WSU marks and verbiage.  Student Affairs Marketing can help you quickly confirm that your materials meet those requirements.

    • Email Student Affairs Marketing and your advisor a proof that shows how the item looks.
    • Allow 1-2 business days for proofing.
    • Student Affairs Marketing may give advice on items outside of branding requirements. 
    • Student Affairs Marketing will contact your advisor and the finance team if marketing is ordering the materials on your behalf.

    Student Affairs marketing can order materials on your behalf with approval from your advisor.

  • Distribution and Posting
    • Student Affairs Marketing oversees the posting of Flush Flashes, Campus Digital Signage, CUB Sandwich Boards, and Lighty Bridge Banners. Fill out the CUB Signage Form and deliver your materials to CUB L44.  Deliver at least three business days before they need to be posted.