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Coug Presence

Coug Presence is WSU's online home for listing student events and organizations.  WSU departments and students use Coug Presence to know what's happening around campus.  Each Registered Student Organization has a Presence profile.  Listing your latest events, social channels, and details is a great way to promote your organization.

Social Media

The larger university social media accounts use Coug Presence to find events and programs for promotion. This includes accounts such as @WSUPullman and @WSUGetInvolved.  Listing events a few weeks before their start date helps these accounts know about your event.

Coug Presence Cover Photos

Creating a cover photo for Coug Presence can be tricky.  Click the link below for a guide.  The recommended cover photo size is  960x375 px.  Coug Presence overlays text about event/organization on your image.  Avoid putting text in your cover images.

Coug Presence Cover Photo Template