Student Involvement

Session 3 Workshops 1:50 - 2:40 PM

Unconventional Advice for Crushing College (and Life)

Facilitator Daniel Lockridge | CUE 219 | Personal Track

Advice for crushing college and distinguishing yourself from your peers.

5 Levels of Leadership

Facilitator Jacqueline Alarcon | CUE 218 | Personal Track

Demonstrate the competencies needed to grow as a leader, Identify who you are as leader and what your current leadership level is with your boss, peers and direct reports, Develop a road map for leadership development, Understand the difference between positional leadership and true influence, Better relate to those you lead by moving from title driven positional leadership to true influence

Running for Office: In and Out of Student Government

Facilitator Matthew Sutherland | CUE 207 | Community Track

This workshop focuses on taking student leaders and giving them an insight into how to bring their voice into an elected role. A campaign is a daunting task and through the lens of a state candidate, elected student body members, field director and a campaign manager, we hope to bring an inside perspective to students who hope to take their passion into elected offices.

Share Your Story: How to Promote the Success of Your Events

Facilitator Evelyn Martinez-Ostrom | CUE 202 | Group Track

In this workshop, you will learn about the importance of sharing your organization's successes, the function of evaluating your events, and how to successfully share your club's story. You will be provided with actual tools to implement evaluation strategies at your upcoming events/programs in an effort to share your organization's success and evaluate your events for future development.

Sustainability and Leave No Trace

Facilitators Liz Wells and Kiera Magrane | CUE 209 | Community Track

What decisions do you make in your living and social space that affect sustainability? Learn more in this informative workshop facilitated by University Recreation!
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