Student Involvement

This ‘record’ on the application does not solicit applicants to cite successes or the amount of work needed to fulfill these commitments.

There are no ‘automatic’ points for ten items, and points should not be withheld for listing less than ten items. While it may be natural to do so, and inherently likely, there should be no favor to individuals who hold positions such as president, chair, etc. in ten organizations. The favor should be to individuals who demonstrate engagement outside of the classroom.

Grade Scale Per Record:

1 Point Grade

No detailed information or ‘laundry list’ of involvement.

2 Point Grade

Applicant sees value in leadership but has little experiential learning or initiative with leadership. Recognizes the need/desire for leadership roles but has done very little to execute those needs.

3 Point Grade

Applicant has taken on a leadership role in 1-2 organizations, initiatives.

Applicant lists only 3-4 activities.

4 Point Grade

Record suggests an above average level of engagement, but does not demonstrate an extraordinary level.

At least 5 activities listed.

5 Point Grade

May involve an educational component to their leadership – significant service to their organization. Describes a critical moment in how their leadership has shaped or geared them for future endeavors

6 Point Grade

Record suggests that applicant has been involved in sufficient enough activities to create multiple opportunities for them to make a positive impact.

Applicant has taken on multiple leadership roles