Student Involvement

There are no 'automatic' points for submitting the letters of recommendation. Each letter of recommendation is scored separately and then averaged for a total point value of 4

Grade Scale Per Letter:

1 Point Grade

Nominator does not suggest that the student has a special interest in leadership both in and outside of school. Minimal demonstration of knowledge gained from outside activities. Nominator expresses the students desire to work alone and not as a team

2 Point Grade

Nominator suggests that student has ‘demonstrated leadership qualities’ among peers.

3 Point Grade

Nominator describes ways in which the student has demonstrated leadership but has only executed some leadership qualities. Has made minor changes in themselves but hasn’t grasped the larger picture (others and the community)

4 Point Grade

Nominator describes specific ways in which student applies a leadership quality or characteristic toward making a change in themselves, in others, and in the community. Articulates how this applicant is unique and among ‘the best’