Student Involvement

Session 1 Workshops

11:10 - 12:00 p.m.

Love in Leadership

James Robilotta

Great teams require great leaders. And great leaders pour love into their talent. It may feel weird to bring up love in leadership, but it’s the cornerstone of commitment, relationships, teams, and growth, so it’s time we talked about it. In this powerful session, attendees will learn where they fall on an innovative leadership spectrum and identify ways to balance performance and team dynamics. If you’re ready to see dramatic performance and development gains in your teams, this session is for you.

Navigating Constant Change with Confidence

Brian Shuffield

If there is one thing certain in life, it is that we can expect constant change. Changing staffing, policy, and procedures, student leadership, and advisement, coupled with a student population that is continually evolving, requires students to be nimble and adaptive. This interactive session will challenge participants to reflect on their own comfort in working through continual change and explore strategies for moving forward with confidence.

Show me a good manager, and I'll show you a GREAT professional leader

James Bledsoe

Strengthening leadership skills has nothing to do with seeking the title of director or president, but rather everything to do with focusing on your personal & professional development.  Learn leadership development strategies that can also help you to release your professional potential by focusing on attitude, management, and relationship building.