Student Involvement

Past Speakers

James Robilotta

Spring '21 Conference

James Robilotta

James Robilotta is a professional speaker, personal coach, entrepreneur, and author of Leading Imperfectly: The value of being authentic for leaders, professionals, and human beings. He speaks to willing and unwilling audiences internationally about authentic leadership and promoting memorability. As a speaker, he is doing the two things he loves the most: causing audiences to think critically about their leadership journeys and making people laugh! His thought-provoking talks are infused with self-awareness and comedy stemming from his background as a trained stand-up and improv comedian.

James loves to help people get out of their own ways to live the lives they deserve and be the leaders they are capable of becoming. 

Justin Jones-Fosu

Fall '20 Conference

Keynote: Justin Jones-Fosu

Justin Jones-Fosu is an award-winning, nationally recognized College Leadership, Diversity, and Student Success Speaker who engages and inspires students with his energy, content, and one of a kind presentations.

Justin Jones-Fosu

2019 Conference

Keynote: Justin Jones-Fosu

In 2015 Justin was voted as a “HOT ACT” by Campus Activities Magazine and in 2008, Justin was named one of Ebony Magazine’s “30 Young Leaders Under 30 On the Rise.” He is an author, an award-winning entrepreneur and a professional speaker. He is the author of two books, the most recent focusing on Values Based Success.

While in college, Justin was a fraternity leader, president of three campus organizations and served on the SGA Executive Board. He has earned his MBA focused on Leadership and Organizational Learning and is passionate about combining high-energy, humor, and practical content in all of his presentations to help students reach their goals, achieve better results, and become better leaders.

Jamira Burley Headshot

2018 Conference

Keynote: Jamira Burley

Jamira Burley has been recognized by the White House as a Gun Violence Prevention Champion of Change and a Forbes Under 30 Honoree in Law and Policy.

For over a decade, Jamira has made it her mission to employ her personal experiences as the driving force to improve the lives of others. From implementing anti-violence programs throughout Philadelphia when she was just a high school student, to organizing youth trainings around the world in collaboration with the United Nations — Jamira's ardor for personal and social advancement is undeniable. She leads with marked expertise on youth engagement, education reform, global citizenship, gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform.

Currently, Jamira is the Head of Youth Engagement and Skills for the Global Business Coalition for Education, helping to ensure a collaborative relationship between youth and business leaders to enable innovative ways to educate, engage and activate young people around the world.

Prior to the Global Business Coalition for Education, Jamira worked as the National Deputy Millennial Vote Director at Hillary For America and before that, she managed the gun violence and criminal justice portfolios at Amnesty International USA, one of the first and largest human rights organizations in the world.

Jamira also consults with a number of public and private entities on how to authentically engage impacted communities. Working at the intersection of policy, community and social good, Jamira provides unique insight that will help actualize the change we all so desperately need.

Rudy Francisco

2017 Conference

Keynote: Rudy Francisco

Rudy Francisco is one of the most recognizable names in spoken word poetry. He was born, raised and still resides in San Diego, California. At the age of 21, Rudy completed his bachelor's in psychology and decided to continue his education by pursuing a mater's in organizational studies.

As an artist, Rudy is an amalgamation of social critique, introspection, honesty and humor. He uses personal narratives to discuss the politics of race, class, gender and religion while simultaneously pinpointing and reinforcing the interconnected nature of human existence. Rudy seeks to create work that promotes healthy dialogue, discourse and social change.

Furthermore, Rudy has made conscious efforts to cultivate young poets and expose the youth to the genre of spoken word poetry via coaching, workshops and performances at preparatory schools and community centers. Rudy has also received admiration from institutions of higher education. He has conducted guest lectures and performances at countless colleges and universities across the nation.

Tim Mousseau

2016 Conference

Keynote Speaker: Tim Mousseau

Live curiously, risk intelligently, and pursue your passion--something Tim teaches his students how to do.

Tim's keynote instills principles of curiosity, creativity, and risk.

What are the similarities between tattoos and leadership? As a permanent expression of the self, a good tattoo has significance and is accomplished as a work of art. As guides to the future, students are taught leadership practices that help them create organizational legacies centered on improvement. While every legacy should be just as meaningful as any tattoo, too often students are leaving their organizations with short-term accomplishments that disappear as quickly as a temporary tattoo. Even worse, students are leaving behind ugly scars that their organizations may later regret.

Jessica Abo

2015 Conference

Keynote Speaker: Jessica Abo

Although Jessica's on-air talents and reporting have been featured on CNN, CBS, FOX, and Fusion Network, you might recognize her cast as herself in TV shows and movies including: Gossip Girl, Nurse Jackie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Delivery Man, and Girl Most Likely.

As a journalist by day, Jessica covers everything from breaking news and beauty trends to sports and food. As a Social Entrepreneur by choice, Jessica inspires today's millennials to become changemakers wherever they live. Her YouTube channel, JaboTV, empowers kids, teenagers and college students. Jessica digs deep to find celebrity guests that share on how they've been able to overcome challenges--which in turn help her followers triumph through their own personal challenges.

Justin Jones

2014 Conference

Keynote Speaker: Justin Jones-Fosu

Don't settle for just being a student leader. Be a super successful one! If you've ever felt ineffective in your leadership role, it probably came from engaging in the wrong ACTions at the wrong time. Learn what super successful student leaders do and don't do.

You will learn:

  • The differences between an average student leader and a super successful one
  • How to implement the researched H.E.R.O. Leadership Model
  • The correct ways to implement change in your student organization (there are 5)
  • How to interact successfully with those you lead
  • How to leave a legacy and empower others to take your place

2013 Conference

Keynote: Sam Davidson

Whether you're a new leader or an experienced veteran, leadership is urgent work. Good leaders are those who make the most of their time at the helm to motivate others to join the cause, replicate themselves in order to grow a large movement, and end up accomplishing great things. In this highly energetic and honest talk about leadership, Sam shares why leaders have a core story they use in order to attract new followers, why the work of leadership often looks like cleaning up, and what legacy means for today's leaders.

Dr. Bernard Franklin

2012 Conference

Keynote: Dr. Bernard Franklin

Build and refine your leadership skills by mastering the art of multi-tasking, empowering your group, and finding your individual leadership style.

As an undergraduate at Kansas State University, Dr. Bernard Franklin became the first black student ever elected President of the Student Government Association. At the age of 24, Franklin made Kansas history by becoming the youngest person ever appointed to the Kansas State Board of Regents and the youngest Chair of the Board at age 28. Franklin has been a Fellow for the Study of the United States Presidency and has served on an advisory commission to President Carter's Administration with Martin Luther King III and other influencers.