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About the Keynote

2016 Keynote | Tim Mousseau

Live curiously, risk intelligently, and pursue your passion--something Tim teaches his students how to do.

Tim's keynote instills principles of curiosity, creativity, and risk.

What are the similarities between tattoos and leadership? As a permanent expression of the self, a good tattoo has significance and is accomplished as a work of art. As guides to the future, students are taught leadership practices that help them create organizational legacies centered on improvement. While every legacy should be just as meaningful as any tattoo, too often students are leaving their organizations with short-term accomplishments that disappear as quickly as a temporary tattoo. Even worse, students are leaving behind ugly scars that their organizations may later regret.

In this creative keynote, Tim uses humorous, insightful stories about his own body art to dare students to stop looking at leadership as a practice and instead, address it as an art form. He will push students to consider the legacy they want to leave their organization and how to create a beautiful future while avoiding the development of ugly, potentially permanent marks. By discussing the idea of acting with a bold vision to move beyond the status quo, Tim will prepare students to ditch leadership labels and become their most authentic self. By learning to embrace their own strengths, passions and flaws, students will realize the authentic power behind being their own unique leader.