Student Involvement

Award Categories


Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The President's Award is given to students who advance leadership and engagement at WSU. Recipients of this prestigious award demonstrate exceptional leadership and service to students, the University, and/or the community.

The Virginia E. Thomas Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student that is considered (first) for the President's Award. This student demonstrates that they honor a legacy of excellence, integrity, character, discovery, and service. More importantly, this student excels in coaching others to become better leaders. An undergraduate who will attend WSU the following year will be given this scholarship of $1,000--allowing them to participate in many of the leadership programs created by Virginia that are continued today.


Faculty and Staff  

The President's Award is given to faculty and staff who excel in their personal commitment to leadership and engagement at WSU. These candidates challenge and work with students to support their development into active global citizens, and collaborate with others on campus or in the community to promote engagement.


Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

The President's Award is given to RSOs that collaborate with other groups to achieve common goals. These groups empower, motivate, resolve conflict, and partner with other leaders and organizations, while being able to demonstrate positive change for the organization and/or the larger community. Significant event(s) or experiences that illustrate the contributions each organization has made are also considered. 


Community Organizations

The President's Award is given to community organizations that enhance students' self-awareness, congruence with their values, and commitment to civic issues. Community organizations that are considered empower and motivate students to collaborate with others, resolve conflict, achieve common goals, and help students become active global citizens who promote positive social change within the community.